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December 9, 2023 - Holiday Traditions Potluck

This year the 4th Sunday of November falls on the weekend of Thanksgiving and the 4th Sunday in December is Christmas day. This is a busy time for many, regardless of faith or ethnicity. So, instead of these meetings, BACH will be holding a single November/December in-person event on the evening of Saturday, December 9th. Exact time and location TBA.

The theme this year will be a Holiday Traditions potluck. We will be joining together to share a meal featuring holiday traditions from around the world. We ask that each attendee bring one or more dishes that relate to a historical winter holiday tradition from somewhere in the world. This could be something from your own ancestry or ethnicity, your own family, or some other time, place, or heritage that interests you. Note that it need not be something that you have ever had before yourself - e.g., if you are interested in traditional Norwegian dishes, you might bring lutefisk even if you haven’t tried it (but please don’t bring lutefisk.) At the dinner we will each explain our dish(es) and how they relate to a holiday tradition of this time of year.

Some of us, inspired by October’s presenter Ihor Lylo, will be creating Ukrainian holiday dishes. Note that you can access Ukraine Food and History, the cookbook of which he was an author, for free online at

If this sounds exciting to you, please save the date and let us know your thoughts. More details to follow.

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